Kids Clubhouse

We believe our Kid’s Clubhouse is the nicest childcare environment in any club we have ever seen and we’ve visited many clubs throughout the country! The personalities that make up our professional, caring staff are unique and comforting to parents. Our Clubhouse is clean, safe, and packed with fun things to amuse your children while you workout. Above all, your child will get the proper attention he or she deserves each and every time he/she visits the club.

Hours of Operation

Kid's Clubhouse Policies & Procedures

Advanced Reservations are required and will be available 48 hours in advance.
Reservations will be 90 minutes long. The Clubhouse WILL NOT open if there are
no reservations.

Sign-in is required each visit with Clubhouse staff. Please inform them of special
instructions including allergies or medical considerations.

Based on care giving mandates from the state, parents must remain on the premises
and also be responsible for basic care of their children, (including but not limited to,
diapering, toileting, feeding and discipline) and must perform as needed.

Our attendants will page you if there are behavioral issues regarding your child or if
your child is crying for more than 10 minutes.

Fitness First does not provide food or drinks to children. You are welcome to bring
your own drink that you may provide to your child. At this time no snacks are

No child with a contagious illness will be allowed in the Clubhouse. If there are signs
and symptoms of illness, the parent will be paged to pick up the child in the Fitness
First Evaluation Office.

At this time children ages 1-11 are allowed in the Clubhouse.

The Kids’ Clubhouse is now available as an upgrade to your account at the rate of
$30/ month per child and $15 for each additional child. If you do not have unlimited
Kids’ Clubhouse, you authorize Fitness First to submit a $4 charge to your account
per clubhouse visit.